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maybe my eyes were never big [entries|friends|calendar]
jeff the god of biscutts

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counting crickets in space... [03 Oct 2005|11:12pm]
this is why i love marla hayes:

kharma1229: Nobody wants to hire someone with an English degree
kharma1229: everyone already speaks english :-(
tha livin is EZ: haha
kharma1229: I am in this law fraternity
kharma1229: and we have like...grown up real life lawyer mentors
kharma1229: ugh
tha livin is EZ: ew
kharma1229: He's a franchise lawyer here in austini
kharma1229: and all he does is talk about how much money he makes and what he buys with it
kharma1229: He makes 350 dollars an hour
tha livin is EZ: holy god
kharma1229: and bills 2000 hours a year
kharma1229: so he makes like 700,000 a year
kharma1229: before taxes...which I'm sure takes out a whole lot
tha livin is EZ: what a bitch
kharma1229: But he is like "yeahhh I just bought a beach house"
kharma1229: and then "yeahhhh I bought a boat to go at my beach house because I didn't want to have to lug the boat I already had all the two hours down to Galveston..."
kharma1229: And even then he is making money off of that
tha livin is EZ: how
kharma1229: cuz he just rents it out at high high prices to people whenever he's not there
kharma1229: I am just like
kharma1229: I HATE YOU

thats all
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i want to pallete the neon sky and squeeze the pigment from the most electric autumn leaves.... [05 Sep 2005|12:57am]
215 east 23rd st.
appt. 11c2
new york, NY

send me pretty things
or better yet come and visit
i dont miss texas but i miss everyone there
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and holy rattlesnakes that fell all round your feet [19 Jun 2005|03:43am]
[ mood | sentimental ]

so i have made some stupid decisions
and i have made some really good ones
and i will always be confused about what i want
and who i am
but thanks for helping me see this stuff through

this entry is dedicated to everyone who was ever there for me
i love all of you

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theres a world going on underground!@! [23 Apr 2005|12:16am]
the first thing you have to remember is:Collapse )
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my heart is crushed like a mechanical santa clause [23 Jan 2005|01:59pm]
[ mood | i dont even knwo what to say ]

my mom just walked in the door and she was crying
she had left and said "im gonna run some errands, im taking the dog"
and now she come back in saying "i did it"
she took the dog back to the fucking pound
you have no idea how mad i am right now

this is the worst day in a long time

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believe me when i say... [04 Jan 2005|03:06am]
[ mood | lovey dovey ]

i guess this is it...

x-mas: -san andreas
-big lebowski
-aqua teen vol's 1&2
-eternal sunshine
-pulp fiction
-hitchikers guide to the galaxy series
-fight club
-TV on the radio - desperate youths, bloodthirsty babes
-miles davis - birth of the cool
-ella fitzgerald - timeless classics
-cake - pressure chief
-blues legends
-mf doom - mm food...
-the thrills - lets bottle bohemia
- big headphones
-best trutle ever
- kisses

and plenty of 420 flushes in between

this has been good for me
and i think
2005 will be a good year,
you just wait and see.

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let no man mark your ground [07 Dec 2004|07:27pm]
[ mood | jumpin ]

let no man
hold you downCollapse )

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this is an entry for no one in particular but i have a feeling its important that i adress you .... [06 Dec 2004|01:23am]
[ mood | this is what it comes down to? ]

we have some things
that have been long overdue for discussion
we have some things
that weve been putting off for a while
you and i
you see:

i dont feel close to anyone
but i want to so badly
its not that im a bad person
its just that i have done bad things
and its not that i have led a horrible life
its just that i have nothing but horrible stories to tell
and i think
i have been pushing people who like me away
for people who i wish liked me
and i think
that i need to have friends
i think
that if theers more for us in store then it will happen
but it probably wont
i think that our lives dont matter
to anyone
but ourselves
so dont worry about
impressing some one
or letting them down
you have your entire life to be unhappy
but the only person you have to live for
is you
so when its all said and done
do you think
it was worth it?

i think that i see everyone
and i think that we all go through the same things
in different ways

and i think that when the ambulence comes to take us away
we will both yell
im not dead yet

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all alone in the foster house killing ourselves with the house keys... [01 Dec 2004|07:44pm]
[ mood | mischievious ]

this entry is probably slightly lighter of mood than the title suggests

but then again
that was all i had to say

watch your pants!!!Collapse )

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and when we break we will wait for our miracle... [22 Nov 2004|06:10pm]
[ mood | let down ]

it was so good until....

hopefully she changes her tune...

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lately she dont care about the warmer breeze [10 Nov 2004|09:53pm]
[ mood | just a little bit stranger ]

so im not sure whats up
but i gott a Tell
i Just FEEl

HummmmmmmINgbird LLulaBIESSSS**********Collapse )

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my heart is crushed like a mechanical santa claus [04 Nov 2004|11:23pm]
for everyone who doesnt knwo ive been compiling a list
of good movies to see
and here it is:

(p.s. feel free to leave a comment about taking one off or adding some on or whatever)

I<3 Huckabies
requiem for a dream
the royal tenenbaums
barton fink
dream with the fishes
the mexican
oceans 11
almost famous
big lebowski
living in oblivion
jacob's ladder
nightmare before x-mas
edawrd scissor hands
napoleon dynamite
pulp fiction
resivoir dogs
jackie brown
28 days later
night of the living dead
dawn of the dead
american beauty
eternal sunshine on the spotless mind
fight club
killing zoe
bangcock dangerous
american werewolf in paris
young frankenstein
blazing saddles
the graduate
philidelphia story
silence of the lambs
some like it hot
les miserables
2001 a space odessy
the jerk
coffee and cigarettes
being john malkovich
donnie darko
godfather I & III
my cousin vinny
garden state
the apostle
arsenic and old lace
apocalypse now
shawshank redemption
hudsucker proxy
blood simple
Fear and loathing in las vegas
sexy beast
death to smooochy
lock stock and 2 smoking barrels
benny and joon
whats eating gilbert grape
dancer texas
extreme measures
about a boy
el mariachi
forest gump
the sandlot
ferris beuler's day off
breakfast club
16 candles
pretty in pink
when harry met sally
SLC punk
office space
Im gonna get you sucka
the women
modern times
gone with teh wind
menace II society
boyz in the hood
talk to her
rocky horror picture show
yellow submarine
battlestar galactica
batman returns
manchurian candidate (old and new)
planet of teh apes
vanilla sky
casa blanca
adventures of baron von monchesa
invasion of the body snatchers
12 monkeys
american splendor
y tu mama tambien
natural born killers
a clockwork orange
Dr strangelove
europa europa
the chimes f big bend
raising arizona
o brother where art thou?
laurence of arabia
dazed and confused
blade runner
empire strikes back
jurassic park
mission impossible
joy luck club
annie hall
west side story
peter pan
one flew over the cuckoos nest
funny girl
saturday night fever
taxi driver
the talented mr rippely
jesus christ superstar
tu valu
cowboy bebop
the abyss
the thing
waking life
mr smith goes to washington
better off day
bottle rocket
scottland PA
beautiful mind
harlem nights
rocky I and II
close encounters of teh 3rd kind
velvet gold mine
american history X
lion king
the wall
fats times at richmond high
mr hollands opus
befoe sunrise
before sunset
sid and nancy
a mighty wind
wet hot american summer
whos that girl
blue lagoon (brooke sheilds)
spell bound
purple rain
wizard of oz
return to oz
the whiz
never ending story
hair spray
sitizen kane
the chateue
pretty woman
seven year itch
breakfast at tiffany's
jesus' son
girls ill be girls
run lola run
marcelino pan, y vino
mean girls
boy with green hair
mars attacks
willy wonka
indiana jones raiders of the lost ark
indiana jones last crusade
moulin rouge
empire records
1st wives club
for the boys
angels in america
waiting for guffman
best in show
igby goes down
kill bill I & II
little princess*****
october sky
to kill a mocking bird
lost in translation
milo & otis
the goonies
6th snese
its a wonderful life
corinna corinna
stand by me
killer condom
party monster
I am sam
dick tracey
thomas cown affair
beautiful people
hariet the spy
paper man
interview with the vampire
gross pint blank
man on the moon
punch drunk love
history of the world
princess bride
romeo and juliet (old and new)
american graffitti
a street car named desire
lost skeleton of cadaver
shaun of the dead
shao lin soccer
lady and the tramp
the little mermaid
mu lan
outside providince
felix teh cat
journeys with george
3rd man
brassed off
Mc beth (Ian Mc klein)
all dogs go to heaven
Ice age
the eye
princess mononoke
but im a cheerleader
singing in the rain
cool hand luke
rebel without a cause
logans run
gone with the wind
the hunt for red october
full monty
thin red line
full metal jacket
girl intterupted
inding nemo
gold finger
dead man walking
animal house
life is beautiful
a time to kill
james and teh giant peach
return of the jedi
training day
lonesome dove
crouching tiger hidden dragon
fists of fury
enter the dragon
el postino
mean streets
paint your wagon
cat ballou
black stallion
chitty chitty bang bang
marry poppins
time machine (original)
love me tender
creature from the black lagoon
war of the worlds
mortal beloved
ben hur
dirty dozen
magnificant 7
its a mad mad mad mad world
from here to eternity
maltese falcon
bonnie and clyde
return to never land
the poesidon adventure
in teh heat of the night
english patient
big fish
the sackets
the truck
wait until dark
dial M for murder
with 6 you get eggroll
the candidate
the old man and the sea
gentlemen jim
national velvet
cat on a hot tin roof
the sting
butch cassidy and teh sundance kid
zorba the greek
saving private ryan
last house on the left
lady in white
sense and sensability
pride and prejudice
crime and punishment
chariots of fire
ood couple
gorky park
dr chivago
his girl friday
my favorite wife
my man godfreid
the thin man
long hot summer
the glass menagerie
duck soup
night at the opera
horse feathers
bad day at red rock
high nooon
the man who shot liberty valance
grand total
sunset blvd
key largo
to have or have not
the roaring 20's
mr mcloud
mash the movie
little big man
the lion and the winter
rosencrantz and guildenstern are dear
taming of the shrew (elizabeth taylor)
box of moonlight
another day in paradise
the last apostle
fantasia 2000
the outsiders
fear of the black hat
evil dead
army of darkness
the bourne identity
hard days night
last of the mohicans
the china syndrome
all teh presidents men
man on fire
grapes of wrath
of mice and men
the good earth
th elittle emporer
white oleander
col mountain
1 hour photo
the girl with the pearl earing
murder by death
mrs doubtfire
virgin suicides
what about bob
emporers new groove
the last unicorn
the land of far away
the lan before time
escape to witch mountain
what dreams may come
the shining
mothman prohpecies
in america
the sound of music
the 5th element
you can count on me
king kong
an affair to remember
family man
matchstick men
dr jekyll and mr hyde
sleeples in seattle
look whos talking I and II
gullivers travels
hobbit (animated)
alice in wonderland
history of skating
dogtown and the z boys
cinderella snow white
red dragon
man hunter
cheech and chong up in smoke
ninja turtles I and II
dead presidents
all about the benjamens
attack of the killer tomatoes
resident evil
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lean on me when youre not strong [04 Nov 2004|05:03pm]
[ mood | go hillary ]

four more years
four more years
its only four more years...

besides that means miss clinton will be runnning next time...

come in wont you?

evil dont look like anything... [27 Oct 2004|07:10pm]
[ mood | in tune ]

with grackles in our hair and sorrow in our boots we carry on...Collapse )

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i have seen some things that i cannot even tell to my family pictures [25 Oct 2004|04:48pm]
[ mood | nothing really ]

so camping was great
and i realized
i dont really have any skeletons
in my closet
everyone pretty much knows everything about me
and maybe im boring

and maybe
just maybe
things will pick up someday

but then again
its not so bad

not so bad at all

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we were laughing at the stars while our feet clung tight to the ground [20 Oct 2004|09:30pm]
the puppy is home
she is heavily drugged
i cant tell if she is depressed

im so tired these days
maybe i'll get a good nights sleep tonight
whats the last movie you saw in theaters
how was it?
whats teh next movie you are planning on seeing?
keep your chin up all of you...
now heres something we hope you'll really likeCollapse )
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we dreamed of nothing and got nothing in return [14 Oct 2004|06:32pm]
so i remember waking up last night
and having this brilliant idea
and i fumbled around
and found my journal
i dated the entry at 3:30
i titled the entry
"lucid dream"
this is what it said:
-we have found
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broken hearts are sad and i hope yours feels better soon... [12 Oct 2004|05:36pm]
[ mood | great day today ]

everyone has bad daysCollapse )

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only the river looked back [11 Oct 2004|07:30pm]
oh IM keeping my head above water

fall is my favorite season like falling to reasonCollapse )
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its beautiful i woudl say i wouldnt have it any other way [05 Oct 2004|05:29pm]
[ mood | smile like a sunrise ]

every time i walk my dog
i pass by this house
at the corner of the street
and i think the earthworms run from the yard

when i walk by
there are always dead worms on the sidewalk

thanks for the lovely nap today cait

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